Oak Trees at Fort Ord National Monument.
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Hollister Field Office

Hollister Field Office

The Bureau of Land Management Hollister Field Office administers approximately 284,000 acres of public land in Central California.  Bounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Joaquin Valley to the east, elevations range from sea level to over 5,000 feet and major landforms include the Diablo Mountain Range, Salinas Valley, and San Joaquin Valley.  Within the lands are three Areas of Critical Environmental Concern, two Research Natural Areas, two National Monuments, a National Historic Trail, and a National Recreation Trail.

Fort Ord NM, BLM photo

Fort Ord National Monument

Fort Ord NM signFort Ord National Monument has three trail access points to 86 miles of trail including the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail.  Open every day from dawn to dusk, visitors can travel through grassland hills, oak woodlands and coastal chaparral: be sure to download our Monument Trail Map and Brochure.

For other outdoor recreation opportunities on your public lands visit our Recreation web pages.

In the Spotlight

Discover the Coast 

Rocks off of Hurricane Point on the Pacific Coast Highway, BLM photo

Rocks off of Hurricane Point on the Pacific Coast Highway, BLM photo

The state of California is known for many things, among them is the incredible coastline.  President Bill Clinton designated over 20,000 rocks, islands, pinnacles, and exposed reefs as the California Coastal National Monument.  These rocks extend 12 miles out into the Pacific Ocean and are enjoyed by thousands of people each year while they drive the Pacific Coast Highway.  But the coast is much more than just the rocks.

Fort Ord National Monument contains coastal biological communities that are an integral part of the overall coastal ecosystem.  Visitors to the area should take some additional time to explore and admire these two National Monuments, and explore the wonderful exhibits of the California Coastal National Monument Gateway for the Monterey Peninsula, the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.  2015 is a great year to get out and Discover the Coast!

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What's Happening Now
Planning and Science Review Regarding Oil and Gas Development on Public Lands

Panoche-Coalinga Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) Management Planning

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Sierra & Rio BLM Junior Explorers.  I love hiking the desert during winter, Sierra exclaims. Me too, says Rio, but where are all the tortoises?  Desert tortoises hibernate during the cold winter months.  It's called brumation.  When will they wake up, asks Rio.  That's a great question, answers Sierra.  Every year there's a contentest where kids guess when Mojave Maxine will come out of her burro.  You can make a guess at livingdesert.org  Discover the Desert  www.blm.gov/ca/DiscoverTheDesert

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