Mother Lode Field Office

 Sierra Resource Management Plan

Approved Sierra RMP and Record of Decision (pdf 2.0 mb)

Maps (pdf 15.2 mb)

Proposed RMP and Final EIS (pdf)

News Release

The Mother Lode (Folsom) Field Office has completed the Sierra Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Record of Decision (ROD) which will guide the management of all public lands under the jurisdiction of the Mother Lode Field Office for years to come. The RMP helps define the role of BLM in meeting the public’s need for open space; safety from wildfire; clean, abundant water; economic opportunities; protection and interpretation of the area’s rich historical heritage, and diverse, resilient habitats for enjoyment and ecosystem health. BLM greatly appreciates the time, effort and thoughtful contribution of the many groups and individuals who participated in this important planning process.

If you have any questions, please contact BLM’s Mother Lode Field Office.