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The Colors of Spring in the Red Hills ACEC

The vegetation of the Red Hillls is unique.  The assemblage of plant species found there, including 7 rare plants, occurs nowhere else in the world.  In the early spring the seemingly barren hills turn yellow, white, lavender and pink, with a spectacular wildflower display.

Recreational opportunites such as hiking, horseback riding, nature study and seasonal wildflower viewing can be enjoyed there.  See more on the Red Hills ACEC . . .


Photo of the Red Hills with early spring wildflowers              Photo of Red Hill ragwort flower              Photo of California Verbena - a flower species found only in the Red Hills        

   Early Spring Wildflowers                            Red Hills ragwort                      California Verbena     


Photo of Bitter root wildflower         Photo of baby within a field of wildflowers in the Red Hills          

                    Bitter root                                               Enjoy Spring in the Red Hills ACEC