Mother Lode Field Office

Spring in the Merced River Canyon

The Merced River is a very special place for viewing wildflowers. A most spectacular display can be seen during the spring and early summer months.  For those less inclined to hike, the river can be accessed by car along a six mile BLM road (the old Yosemite railroad grade) beginning at the Briceburg Visitor Center and ending at the three BLM campgrounds.  Beyond the campgrounds, only pedestrians and bicycles can continue along the ungroomed 18-mile river trail.

BLM welcomes you to the Merced Wild and Scenic River -- a colorful blanket of spring . . .


California poppies along the Merced River

 Redbud and California poppies along the Merced River

 Close-up photo of Baby blue eyes flowers

 Close-up photo of Brodea flowers

 Oak tree and wildflower covered slope of the Merced River

 Close-up of wildflowers along Merced River road

 A blanket of spring wildflowers surrounds a hiker along the Merced Trail

 Close-up of spring wildflowers of the Merced River - poppies, owls clover and lupine

Close-up of spring wildflowers - lupine, forget-me-not and poppies

Overlooking the Merced River canyon