Sand dunes dominate the landscape in the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
ATV rider heads into sunset. Hiker Algodones Dunes Sunflower Off-Highway Vehicle Slipface
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Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
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Meet the Hosts...

You may have seen them on your visits to the dunes, but do you know them? Our campground hosts cover both the north and south dunes and help visitors orient themselves to the area. These hosts answer questions, initiate Emergency Medical Service response, take in lost dogs (and the occasional goat), pick up trash, and generally provide helpful hands and smiling faces when needed the most. Who are they? You’re about to find out.

Homer Himes, Buttercup Host, South Dunes.

Homer Himes and Molly.  Photo:  BLMAvid off-roader Homer Himes comes to the south dunes to serve his first volunteer position as the campground host.  Originally from Indianapolis, IN, Homer spent his formative years off-roading in the midwest. In 1966, he moved to Arizona, where he 4-wheeled his jeep in the terrain near Prescott.  With kids and grandkids in both the Phoenix and Yuma areas, it wasn't long before Homer was a duner.  This retired auto mechanic shares his hosting duties with his constant sidekick Molly, an energetic dancing dachshund mixed pup.  
Situated along Gray's Well Rd.,  Homer is willing to share his love of the dunes with visitors, impart valuable information and assist BLM with routine maintenance around the station.

All of our campground hosts spend a great deal of time making sure a visit to the dunes remains a safe one. Please acknowledge this dedication and offer up some thanks when you see them. This place would not be the same without them.

Interested in volunteering as a campground host?  Here are a few of the things you should know...

Campground hosts should:

  have a positive attitude, be social and outgoing, and professionally represent the agency.
  be in good health and able to perform light maintenance, either around facilities or in campgrounds.
  be willing to camp in visible locations and answer visitor questions.
  know that some locations have limited amenities (e.g. no electricity).
  be willing to collect visitor data.
  be willing to initiate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) when alerted.
  be willing to camp in remote and isolated areas.

Dunes Vista (South Dunes)
Dunebuggy Flats (South Dunes)
Various North Dunes locations (e.g. Wash Road)

Contact Neil Hamada at 760-337-4451 for more information.