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Changing little since it crawled out of the ocean over 350 million years ago, the scorpion still looks like it should be playing in the dinosaurs' back yard.  A cousin to the spider, the scorpion is an arthropod, which means it has an external (outside) skeleton, or exoskeleton.  This will make all the difference when it comes to shining a light on the matter...


Scorpion eating dragonfly.  Photo:  BLM/Erin Dreyfuss

Pale yellow in color and reaching up to 6" in length, the scorpion pictured here eats a dragonfly.  The pincers that hold the insect also act like antennae, sensing approaching objects. 


Scorpion glows a bright blue under blacklight.  Photo:  BLM/Erin Dreyfuss

 Take a blacklight out on a warm, moonless night, and be surprised at how many scorpions you will see.  A substance in the exoskeleton causes it to glow blue under ultra-violet light.

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