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Take it Outside! OHV Connect with your public lands. Spokes-dog Sheila dons the riding glasses in this iconic OHV  program identifier.  Graphic: BLM


Take it Outside OHV!  

Your dune-dog adventure starts here!Child riding quad at Imperial Sand Dunes.  Photo:  Imperial Valley Press


           Duning Kids Rock!

Curious explorers in a sea of sand, Kid Duners and their families love the dunes!  And why not?  There's a lot to love when you learn how cool the desert can be.  Like:

 how to find a blue scorpion

 how fast can a dune move?
 why are lizard tails flopping?
 what makes some reptiles fly?
word search or crossword puzzle

Click on a statement (above) to start the fun, and then follow Sheila's paw print as she leads you on your dune-dog adventure!

Paw prints.

Take it Outside! Family Activity Cards

Contact us if you would like a set of activity cards mailed to you.  This set of 24 cards is full of fun and interesting facts about the sand dunes. Designed to connect OHV kids and their families to public lands, cards include activities to increase your awareness and understanding of OHV safety, dune topography and weather, border issues, outdoor ethics and cultural and resource conservation.

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