Sand dunes dominate the landscape in the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
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Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles

Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV) with occupants wearing helmets.

All occupants in an ROV must wear helmets.
BLM photo.

California Amends ROV laws 

CVC 38603:   
(a) Passengers must be seated in a location designed and provided by manufacturer in an ROV with a model year of 2014 or later. 

(b) Passengers may occupy a separate seat location not designed and provided for by the manufacturer for a passenger in vehicles with model year 2013 or earlier if the occupant of the seat is fully contained inside of the vehicle's rollover protection structure at all times while the vehicle is being operated.

CVC 38604:
(a) Passengers must be able to grasp the handhold while properly restrained with back against the seatback. 

(b) "Occupant handhold" means any factory or aftermarket device grasped by a passenger to provide support and assist in keeping arms and hands within the ROV.  The steering wheel is considered an occupant handhold for the ROV operator. 

(c)  Occupant handholds shall be designed to allow the ROV passenger to exit the vehicle without interference from the handholds.

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