Sand dunes dominate the landscape in the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
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El Centro Field Office

Annual Fee Report

Fiscal Year 2011

Per Section 804 of the Federal Lands and Recreation Act (c)(2), this information demonstrates, on an annual basis, the use of recreation fee revenues in the El Centro Field Office. It is also provided per guidance in the BLM Recreation Permits and Fees Manual section (2930.06B6j). The information below is based on the best available data from the BLM FBMS System.

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
FY 2011 Fee Program Revenue = $2,595,000

ISDRA Revenue


Carry-over from FY10

$  214,000

Unliquidated obligations*

$  281,000

Total FY11 Funds


*Unliquidated obligations are funds that were set aside in previous fiscal years to pay for contracts that may run the course of several fiscal years.  Essentially, it is carry-over funding tracked separately in the BLM system.

Total FY11 Expenditures:  $2,986,000
Carry-over to FY12: $104,000

Figure is an enhanced pie chart showing fee expenditure percentages and totals for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in fiscal year 2011. 7% maintenance or $210,000;  32% visitor services or $957,000; 25% law enforcement or $744,000; 30% fee program management or $899,000; and 6% overhead or $176,000.

Expenditures included the following services for the 1,133,000 visitors to the dunes:

  • Restrooms
  • Outreach & Education
  • Trash Collection
  • Emergency Medical/Rescue Services
  • Road Maintenance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fee Collection
  • Recreation Program Management

Priority projects for the next fiscal year will include maintenance, overhead, fee program management, visitor services and law enforcement.

ISDRA Fee Expenditure Categories:
- Trash collection, restroom maintenance, road and camping pad grading, sand removal from road and campgrounds.
Overhead - Labor, training and travel.
Fee Program Management - Management and labor for permit program including on and off site sales, website management, printing, mailing and vendor management.
Visitor Services - Emergency Medical/Rescue Services, dispatch, travel costs for holiday assistance, vehicles, education and outreach, maps.
Law Enforcement - Labor, vehicles and travel costs for holiday assistance.