Sand dunes dominate the landscape in the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
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Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
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Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Management Plan

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the items that have been completed or are currently underway.


Project Status 
Record of Decision -  
  NOA: Proposed RAMP & FEIS

  Publication of Proposed RAMP & FEIS -

  - Public Comment Period
NOA: Draft RAMP & DEIS  -  
  - Publication of Draft RAMP & DEIS
Notice of Intent -  


The Imperial Sand Dunes Proposed Recreation Area Management Plan, Proposed Amendment to the California Desert Conservation Area Plan (Proposed RAMP/CDCA Plan Amendment) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) describes and analyzes eight alternatives for managing approximately 214,930 acres of Bureau of Land Management-administered lands within the Imperial Sand Dunes Special Recreation Management Area (ISD SRMA) in Imperial County, California. Information provided by the public, Bureau of Land Management personnel, and other agencies and organizations has been used to develop and analyze the alternatives in the Proposed RAMP/CDCA Plan Amendment and Final EIS.

Public Comments

Public comments and BLM’s internal review resulted in a variety of clarifications and modifications throughout the Proposed RAMP/CDCA Plan Amendment and Final EIS. Revisions made between the Draft RAMP and Draft EIS and the Proposed RAMP/Plan Amendment and FEIS include the following: quantification of some management goals and objectives; additional analysis of impacts to air quality; clarification of multiple-use classes and visual resource management; consideration of lands with wilderness characteristics; modifications to alternatives regarding camping in the Dunebuggy Flats area; and modifications to implementation-level decisions to correctly categorize them as plan-level decisions or implementation actions.

Associated News Releases & Notices



Director's Protest Resolution Report


Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement


Notice of Availability of the Proposed Recreation Area Management Plan and CDCA Plan Amendment/Final Environmental Impact Statement


BLM Releases Imperial Sand Dunes Proposed Recreation Area Management Plan


Notice of Re-Opening of Comment Period for the Draft RAMP and Draft EIS


BLM Extends Comment Period for Draft Imperial Sand Dunes Plan


Public Invited to Comment on Draft Plan for Imperial Sand Dunes


Notice of Availability of Draft RAMP and DEIS


BLM Releases Scoping Report for RAMP


12-Month Finding on a Petition To Delist Peirson’s milk-vetch


Public Meetings Scheduled for Revised Dunes Management Plan


BLM to Revise Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Management Plan


Notice of Intent to Amend CDCA Plan and RAMP for Imperial Sand Dunes


BLM Announces Intent to Revise Imperial Sand Dunes Management Plan


FWS Revised Designation of Critical Habitat for Peirson's Milkvetch

2014/2015 ISD Facts and FAQs

Record of Decision
Record of Decision and RAMP
*.pdf; 6.5Mb

Proposed RAMP & Final EIS

Volume I

Errata Sheet
September 27, 2012; *.pdf; 0.5Mb
Cover - Executive Summary
*.pdf; 0.5Mb
1.0 - Introduction
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
2.0 - Description of Alternatives
*.pdf; 0.7Mb
3.0 - Affected Environment
*.pdf; 1.0Mb
4.0 - Environmental Consequences
*.pdf; 1.0Mb
5.0 - Consultation & Coordination
*.pdf; 0.3Mb

Volume II

A - Results of Scoping
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
B - Laws, Regulations & Executive Orders
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
C - Typical Management Practices & BMP
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
D - Dust Control Plan
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
E - Traditional Gathering Policies
F - Monitoring Plan
G - Geothermal Resources Lease Stipulations
H - Comparison of Alternatives

*.pdf; 0.3Mb
I - Algodones Dunes Insect Report
*.pdf; 2.9Mb
J - Special Status Species
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
K - Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement
*.pdf; 0.4Mb

L - Cultural Resources Sites Recorded
M - Scenic Quality Field Inventory
N - Authorized Land Uses/Status
O - Rights-of-Way
P - Environmental Database Results
Q - Air Quality Monitoring Assumptions

*.pdf; 0.6Mb

R - Impact on Bird Populations
*.pdf; 0.4Mb
S1 - Public Comments, Part 1  
*.pdf; 12Mb
S2 - Public Comments, Part 2 
*.pdf; 6.0Mb
T - Reasonably Foreseeable Scenarios
*.pdf; 0.1Mb
Glossary, Acronyms & References
*.pdf; 0.2Mb
*.pdf; 4.6Mb

Draft RAMP & EIS
Volume I
*.pdf; 5.3Mb
Volume II
*.pdf; 9.1Mb
*.pdf; 22.5Mb
Public Meeting Presentation
*.pdf; 3.2Mb

Related ISD Planning Documents
Alternatives Comparison Table
March 2009; *.pdf; 0.2Mb
All Alternative Maps
March 2009; *.pdf; 18.1Mb
Scoping Report
September 2008; *.pdf; 0.1Mb
Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Map
April 2008; *.pdf; 0.4Mb
Biological Communities Map
April 2008; *.pdf; 0.6Mb
Peirson's Milk-vetch Critical Habitat Map
April 2008; *.pdf; 0.5Mb
Land Status Map
April 2008; *.pdf; 0.5Mb
BLM Planning Process Flowchart
April 2008; *.pdf; 0.1Mb
Proposed RAMP and Final EIS
2005;This RAMP, approved in 2005, was set aside by a Federal Court order in 2006 and remanded to BLM for further action, as was the previous FWS critical habitat designation.

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