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Camping Within a Limited Use Area

The majority of public lands in the California Desert District are designated limited use.  In these areas, vehicle travel is limited to approved/signed routes of travel.  No cross-country vehicle travel is allowed.

Dispersed vehicle camping is allowed in limited use areas.  However, visitors must camp within a specified distance from the nearest route (trail, road, etc.).  These distances vary depending on the area. 

Planning Area: Northern and Eastern Colorado (NECO)

General Location: East of the Imperial Sand Dunes, Chocolate Mountains

NECO Camping Areas NECO Camping Restrictions
Planning Area (with exception below) Within 300 ft. of route
Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)Within 100 ft. of route
View NECO Management Plan

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Planning Area: Western Colorado (WECO)

General Location: West of the Imperial Sand Dunes, Chocolate Mountains and east of the San Diego County Line


WECO Camping Areas WECO Camping Restrictions
Planning Area (with exceptions below) Within 300 ft. of route centerline
Flat Tail Horned Lizard Management AreaWithin 50 ft. of route centerline
Elliot Mine AreaWithin 25 ft. of route centerline
Yuha ACECOnly at designated campsites
View WECO Routes of Travel Designation Plan

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Planning Area: Eastern San Diego County (ESDC)
General Location: West of San Diego County Line (includes Julian, Banner and McCain Valley)
ESDC Camping Areas ESDC Camping Restrictions
Planning Area (with exception below) Within 25 ft. of route
McCain ValleyOnly at designated campsites
View ESDC Resource Management Plan  


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