Sand dunes dominate the landscape in the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
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Mountain Biking

Excellent mountain biking can be had on miles and miles of jeep trails on public lands.  Although no specific mountain bike trails exist, "two track" jeep trails offer many opportunities.

Trails are not maintained, so expect them to be rugged.  Mountain biking is allowed on any designated route.  Remember, mountain bikes are not allowed in wilderness areas.  Please respect and obey all signs.

Trail courtesy is important.  When you meet other people on the trail, they will judge all mountain bikers by what you do.  Are you making a good impression?  Remember to yield to hikers and horses.  When you encounter people on foot, slow down to their speed or stop.  If approaching from the rear, greet them or announce your presence.

If approaching equestrian users from the front, always stop and let them pass.  If approaching from the rear, ask them for instructions on the best way to proceed.

Here are a few riding habits to get into:

  • Don't skid, control your bike.  Skidding causes erosion.
  • Avoid extremely muddy areas.
  • Ride in small groups to lessen impact.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Be prepared.
  • Know the area.

Late fall, winter, and spring are prime times for desert mountain biking.  In the summer, the upper elevations of eastern San Diego County are the best choice for local mountain biking.  Remember that there is virtually no shade in the desert.

A few popular areas for mountain biking are:

  • Yuha Desert (off Dunaway Rd)
    • See " Exploring the Yuha Desert "
  • Near Julian,  CA
  • Lark Canyon
  • Painted Gorge
  • Table Mountain
  • Hyduke Mine Rd / Indian Pass Rd Area

Use this pre-ride check list to ensure a safe ride:

__Riding Partner

__Common Sense

__Appropriate Clothing__Bike Repair Tools
__Gloves__Sunscreen__Food & Water (bring extra)__Tire Patch Kit



__Map / Knowledge of the area

__Tire Pump or Air
__First Aid Kit__Inspect Cables

__Inspect Brakes

__Inspect Wheels/Tires
__Inspect Chain__Inspect Seat__Inspect Handlebars 

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