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Sunrise Powerlink Invasive Plant Management 


An Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to disclose and analyze the environmental impacts of herbicide application consistent with the Weed Control Plan (WCP) for the Environmentally Superior Southern Route of the SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink Project (SDG&E 2009/2010) on BLM lands. The WCP, which is dated December 23, 2010, and was approved by BLM on January 31, 2011, provides that herbicide could be applied as part of an adaptive, integrated pest management (IPM) strategy on BLM lands within SRPL temporary Impact Areas (TIAs) and permanent Impact Areas (PIAs), encompassing approximately 208.47 acres of the SRPL project site, but only with an approved Pesticide Use Proposal (PUP). The SPRL project site extends from San Diego Gas and Electric’s (SDG&E’s) Imperial Valley Substation near El Centro, California in Imperial County, to SDG&E’s Peñasquitos Substation near Interstate 805, in coastal San Diego (see Figure 1-1).

Per BLM direction, approval of the PUP is contingent upon completion of a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) site‑specific environmental analysis addressing the specifics of the proposed herbicide application for the Project. This EA is a site-specific analysis of potential effects that could result with the implementation of the Proposed Action (i.e., issuance of a PUP for herbicide application as part of the proposed IPM strategy contemplated in the WCP). The EA assists BLM in project planning and ensuring compliance with NEPA, and in making a determination as to whether any “significant” impacts could result from the analyzed actions. “Significance” is defined by NEPA and is found in regulation 40 CFR 1508.27.

Invasive Plant Management:

 Environmental Assessment
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