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Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility (CACA 051552)


Process for Return to Service

Imperial Valley Press - Pattern to Restart Turbines

Ocotillo Wind Blade Failure Turbine #156

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is currently reviewing the investigative reports from Ocotillo Wind and Siemens that identify the cause of blade failure and procedures to prevent further occurrences. Ocotillo Wind is initiating a turbine by turbine assessment to evaluate the integrity of each turbine through on-site inspections and field testing.

BLM and Ocotillo Wind will continue to work together coordinating a systematic return to service. BLM and Ocotillo Wind will continue to keep Imperial County informed throughout the restart procedure.

The project site is currently under a BLM Suspense Order that will gradually be lifted as field inspections and field testing confirm a safe return to service for each turbine.

Cause of Mishap Statement
Siemens inspectors discovered a deficient adhesive bonding process for a particular batch of turbine blades that has been identified and corrected at the point of manufacturing.

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the items that have been completed or are currently underway.


Federal Coordination Process

- Operational

Under Construction -


- Right-of-Way Grant

Record of Decision -  
  Notification of Final EIS

  Publication of Final EIS -

  - Public Comment Period
Notice of Availability of Draft EIS -  
  Publication of Draft EIS
Notice of Intent -  

Project Vitals

Fact Sheet

Proposed Location: 5 miles west of the town of Ocotillo, in western Imperial County

Electricity Production Capacity: 315 megawatts 

Company: Ocotillo Express LLC

Acreage:  Approximately 12,436 acres of BLM-administered land

Status: Notice of Availability of the Record of Decision published in the Federal Register 5/11/12

Public Comment: The Record of Decision for the project has been released and there are no longer any opportunities to comment on the project

Electrictrical Transmission Connection:  The recently approved Sunrise Powerlink crosses the project and will facilitate transmission of the project's renewable energy output to load centers in Southern California.

Company's Expected Benefits: Generate enough electricity to power almost 94,500 homes. Employ up to 350 workers during peak construction and up to 20 workers permanently.

Public Comments

The Record of Decision for the project was published in the Federal Register on 5/11/2012.  At this time, there are no longer any opportunities to comment on the project. 

For more information, contact the Bureau of Land Management Project Manager, R. Brian Paul at (760)337-4445.

Process for Return to Service - 6/28/13
Notice of Temporary Suspension - 5/24/13
Environmental and Construction Compliance Monitoring
Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility Project
Weed Environmental Assessment
Weed FONSI, DR and Attachments
Notice to Construct Update - 5/21/12
Notice to Construct - 5/04/12
Authorization Documents
Notice to Proceed, 12/21/12
Notice to Proceed, Signed 6/27/12
Notice to Proceed, 5/14/12
Figure - Notice to Proceed Conditions
Right-of-Way Grant
Record of Decision
Record of Decision Errata
Figure 1 - OWEF Location Map
Figure 2 - Refined Project 
Figure 3 - Exclusion Zone and Refined Project Boundaries
Appendix A - Biological Opinion
Appendix B - Memorandum of Agreement
Appendix C - Mitigation Measures
Appendix D - Compliance Monitoring Plan
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Volume 1

Cover / Table of Contents / Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Proposed Action and Alternatives
Chapter 3-01 thru 3-10 - Affected Environment / 3-11 thru 3-23
Volume 2
Chapter 4-01 thru 4-20 - Environmental Consequences / 4-21 thru 4-24
Chapter 5 - Consultation, Coordination, and Public Involvement
Chapter 6 - Acronyms and Abbreviations
Chapter 7 - Glossary
Chapter 8 - References
Chapter 9 - Index
Volume 3 Appendices
A - Figures
B - Federal Laws, Regulations, and Exec. Orders
C - Public Scoping Report
D - Biological Technical Report
E1 - Visual Resources / E2
F - Noise
G - Air Quality
Volume 4 Appendices
H - Traffic Impact Analysis
I - Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting
J - CEQA Environmental Checklist
K - General Plan Policy Consistency Analysis
L - Additional Biological Reports
L1. - Jurisdictional Delineation 
L2. - Draft Off-site Habitat Restoration Plan 
L3. - Integrated Weed Management Plan 
L4. - Addendum to the Spring 2010 Rare Plant Survey Report 
L5. - 404 (b)(1) Analysis 
L6. - Avian and Bat Protection Plan
L7. - Raptor Migration Report
L8. - MERLIN Avian Radar Survey
L9. - Eagle Conservation Plan
M - Recreation Management Information System Report
Volume 5 Appendices
N - Response to Comments on the Draft EIS/EIR
Volume 6 - 7 Appendices
O - Comment Letters on the Draft EIS/EIR 1
O - Comment Letters on the Draft EIS/EIR 2
O - Comment Letters on the Draft EIS/EIR 3
P - Water Supply Assessment
Q - Paleontological Survey Report
R - Memorandum of Agreement

The FEIS is also located on the Imperial County Planning & Development website.

Draft EIR / DEIS
Draft Environmental Impact Report - 
Draft Environmental Impact Statement
The Draft EIR/EIS is located on the Imperial County Planning and Development website.
Public Comments on DEIS

Scoping Report and Appendices

Scoping Report 
3/16/11; 0.4Mb

Appendix A-1:
Notice of Preparation; 1.2Mb

Appendix A-2
NOI - Federal Register; 0.1Mb

Appendix B-1
Press Release; 0.2Mb 

Appendix B-2
Public Notice; 0.1Mb

Appendix C-1
Fact Sheet; 0.9Mb

Appendix C-2
Public Comment Card; 0.1Mb

Appendix C-3
Scoping Meeting Presentation; 4.4Mb

Appendix D-1
and Speaker Registration List 1/5/11; 1.6Mb

Appendix D-2
Sign in and Speaker Registration List 1/6/11; 2.1Mb

Appendix E
Summary Transcript 1/5/11: 0.1Mb

Appendix F
Summary Transcript 1/6/11; 0.1Mb

Appendix G
Comment Letters; 10.2Mb

Related Documents

Geotechnical Investigation
Categorical Exclusion and Grant; 0.8Mb

Plan of Development  
3/16/2011; 2.7Mb 

Proposed Project Map

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