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Imperial Solar Energy Center (CSolar) South Gen-tie 
DOCUMENT NUMBERS: CA-670-2010-062, DOI-BLM-CA-D070-2011-0007

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the items that have been completed or are currently underway.


Federal Coordination Process

Right-of-Way Grant -




 - Decision Record 

Finding of No Significant Impact -

  - Public Comment Period
Publication of Revised EA -  
  - Public Comment Period
Publication of EA -  

Project Vitals

Location: Imperial Valley near the Mexican border, eight miles southwest of El Centro

Electricity Production Capacity: 200 megawatts

Company: CSOLAR Development, LLC (CACA-523359) and SDG&E Company (CACA-51645)

Acreage: 947 acres

Status: BLM approval on July 14, 2011. CSOLAR Development, LLC submitted two right-of way (ROW) applications. The first application was to construct, operate and maintain a 230 kV transmission line, and the second application was for a road ROW across Federal lands along the Westside Main Canal. The electric generating facility would connect to the Imperial Valley Substation via 230 kV transmission line and access to the facility would be along the Westside Main Canal. 

The site of the solar energy facility is located on 946.6 gross acres of privately-owned, formerly undeveloped and agricultural lands. It is located in the unincorporated Mount Signal area of the County of Imperial, approximately eight miles southwest of the City of El Centro and south of the community of Seeley. The transmission lines and access road are located within the Yuha Desert, and within BLM's Utility Corridor "N" of the California Desert Conservation Area Plan. Imperial County is located in Southern California, bordering Mexico, west of Arizona, and east of San Diego County.

The 230 kV transmission line (CACA-51645) was demolished in the fall of 2013 and the Right-of-Way (ROW) was assigned to San Diego Gas & Electric Company. This ROW is currently undergoing reclamation, re-vegetation, and monitoring.

The access road to the private land solar project (CACA-523359) is currently in use by the solar facility and will remain so for the duration of the grant.

Electrical Transmission Connection: 230 kV line crossed BLM land and interconnected with the Imperial Valley Substation.  Electricity is currently routed north along an Imperial Irrigation District transmission line.

By the Numbers:

  • The solar project generates enough electricity to power approximately 60,000 homes
  • The private land parts of the project generates an estimated $3 million in local tax revenue
  • Up to 250 construction jobs and 4-5 permanent jobs have been created
  • Photovoltaic technology is being utilized 

For more information, contact the Bureau of Land Management El Centro Field Office at (760) 337-4400, or Peter Godfrey at (951) 697-5385 (pgodfrey@blm.gov).

Reclamation Documents

Addendum Reclamation Plan , 9/16/13
pdf; 7.7Mb

Authorization Documents

Letter Removal E-W Line, 10/18/12
pdf; 0.3Mb
Access Road Right-of-Way Grant, 7/21/11 pdf; 0.3Mb

Right-of-Way Grant , 7/21/11
pdf; 0.5Mb

Decision Record , 7/14/11  
pdf; 2.8Mb

Finding of No Significant Impact , 7/13/11
pdf; 0.1Mb

Final EIR/EA

Title, Table of Contents and Executive Summary; 0.8Mb  

Chapter 1
Introduction; 0.1Mb

Chapter 2
Proposed Action; 4.5Mb
Chapter 3
Affected Environment; 5.3Mb
Chapter 4
Environmental Consequences; 8.2Mb
Chapter 5
Cumulative Impacts; 2.2Mb
Chapter 6
Other CEQA Required Considerations; 0.1Mb
Chapter 7
Effects Found Not to be Significant; 0.1Mb
Chapter 8
List of Preparers; 0.1Mb
Chapter 9
References; 0.1Mb
CEQA Findings 
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program 
Response to Comments  
Appendix A
Notice of Preparation and Responses; 2.4Mb
Appendix B
Traffic Impact Analysis
Appendix C
Air Quality/Greenhouse Gas Assessments; 3.0Mb
Appendix D
Geotechnical Investigation Report; 6.5Mb
Appendix E
Construction Acoustical Site Assessment; 1.6Mb
Appendix F
LESA; 1.0Mb
Appendix G
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Appendix H1
Preliminary CEQA Level Drainage Study; 10.9Mb

Appendix H2 
Preliminary Water Quality Report; 5.3Mb

Appendix I
Biological Reports and Surveys; 15Mb
Appendix J
Project Design Features; 0.1Mb
Appendix K
Memorandum Of Agreement; 1.1Mb

Draft EIR/EA

Title, Table of Contents and Executive Summary; 1.1Mb

Chapter 1
Introduction; 0.3Mb

Chapter 2
Proposed Action; 4.4Mb
Chapter 3
Affected Environment; 4.1Mb
Chapter 4
Environmental Consequences; 4.9Mb
Chapter 5
Cumulative Impacts; 0.9Mb
Chapter 6
Other CEQA Required Considerations; 0.3Mb
Chapter 7
Effects Found Not to be Significant; 0.3Mb
Chapter 8
List of Preparers; 0.2Mb
Chapter 9
References; 0.2Mb

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