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IID Dixieland 230kV Transmission Line

DOCUMENT NUMBER: CA-670-2009-082

Imperial Irrigation District has submitted a right-of-way (ROW) application to construct, operate, and maintain a 230 kV transmission line (referred to as the ID Line) and substation improvements between the Imperial Valley (IV) and Dixieland Substations.

The Proposed Action consists of the construction and operation of the electrical transmission line that would connect from the Dixieland Substation to the Imperial Valley substation with Dixieland substation improvements. The transmission line would be located within a new 140-foot-wide right-of-way (ROW) through both federal and nonfederal lands.

The transmission line would consist of single-monopole structures. Depending on the final route chosen, span lengths will generally be 650 to 900 feet. In addition to a new transmission line, IID is proposing to construct a new 230-kV substation approximately 400 or 1,276 feet north of the IV Substation (proposed Liebert Substation).

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Environmental Assessment

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IID Scope of Work; 0.8Mb
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Biological Resources Technical Report; 20Mb
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Cultural Resources Technical Report (Confidential)
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