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Eagle Lake Field Office

Honey Bandit Wild Horse

September 10, 2010

The BLM is grateful that Lauri “Palomino” Armstrong of Shingletown continues to provide personal care for the wild horse foal she obtained from our Litchfield Corrals in Susanville on Thursday, Sept. 2 and named "Honey Bandit."  We are encouraged by reports of his slow improvement, but understand he still has a long road to full recovery.

BLM staff have visited and talked with Ms. Armstrong and have determined that officially, she adopted Honey Bandit as of September 9, and therefore BLM will pay all her veterinarian bills from the time she picked the foal up on September 2 until the adoption on September 9.  BLM has also offered ongoing consultation with our contract veterinarian and provided a supply of horse milk formula. 

The foal came into the corrals with its mother during the ongoing Twin Peaks gather which began August 11; the exact date of their arrival at Litchfield is being researched.  On Sept. 1 the BLM's contract veterinarian checked the mare and foal and observed no injuries to the foal.  On Sept. 2 the corral staff noted that the foal's condition had deteriorated as its mother had ceased lactating (providing milk) and it had suffered numerous bite marks.  The foal had likely been bitten or kicked by its mare or other mares when it tried to nurse.

Ms. Armstrong was coincidentally visiting Litchfield and offered to provide foster care to the foal.  At the time, the paperwork to adopt was started, but was not officially completed at that time.