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Eagle Lake Weed Program

With noxious and invasive weeds posing a serious threat to the health and productivity of wildlands and agricultural areas, the Bureau of Land Management’s Eagle Lake Field Office takes a collaborative approach in the battle against these invasive pests. A key component of the BLM’s Eagle Lake Weed Program is the Lassen County SWAT (Special Weed Action Team), a consortium of 32 local, state and government agencies, individuals and organizations. The field office plays a lead role in the SWAT and the actions of its weed warriors who take to the field every year to locate, map and treat weed infestations. Members of the Lassen SWAT recognize that invasive weeds know no boundaries, and that a coordinated approach on public and private land is the key to maintaining healthy landscapes and improving areas affected by invasive and noxious weeds.
Left unchecked, weed invasions can be devastating, choking out desirable plants essential for diverse wildlife populations and productive lands. The field office focuses on partnerships, outreach and on-the-ground action as the best tools to battle this biological emergency.

Weed Warrior spraying weeds
Weed Warrior spraying weeds

What is a Noxious Weed

Control of Noxious Weeds

Weeds found on the Eagle Lake Field Office


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