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Eagle Lake Field Office

Poodle Mountain Wilderness Study Area

The Poodle Mountain WSA is located in central Washoe County, approximately 15 miles northwest of Gerlach, Nevada. The WSA includes 142,050 acres of BLM-administered lands and surrounds 3,226 acres of private land and 480 acres of split estate (private surface-public minerals). The western 4,990 acres of the WSA are located in the Eagle Lake Field Office administrative boundary; the majority of the WSA (137,160 acres) are located in the Winnemucca Field Office jurisdiction.

The Poodle Mountain WSA is generally circular, measuring between 4 and 21 miles north to south, and between 3 and 18 miles east to west. It encompasses most of the Buffalo Hills, a circular-shaped basaltic plateau that is dominated by large canyons, generally radiating from the center. The elevations for the WSA range from 3,850 to 6,832 feet. There are three distinct landforms to be found: basalt plateau highlands, basalt plateau canyon country, and fringing desert piedmont. The basalt plateau highlands are in the north-central and northwest part, and are flat to rolling with a small area of alluvium. This section includes Poodle Mountain, the volcanic vent from which the Buffalo Hills basalt issued. The plateau highlands are only moderately eroded compared to the canyon country around them. The basalt plateau canyon country has numerous deeply cut canyons and gorges. This section of the WSA includes fingerlike, flat-topped ridges and remnant plateaus between the canyons. The landscape is extremely rugged and rocky and has high-relief as compared to the low-relief highland plateau from which it radiates. The portion of Poodle Mountain WSA in the Eagle Lake Field Office area is almost entirely composed of the rugged, deeply eroded canyons and ridges that extend from the higher uplands westward into the North and Main Forks of Buffalo Creek. The fringing desert piedmont is along the south and southwestern boundary, and is the transition between the Buffalo Hills and the Smoke Creek Desert to the south. The landscape is low-relief alluvium, with low parallel ridges and drainages lying perpendicular to the basalt plateau.

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