Eagle Lake Field Office

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
Environmental Document Roster FY 1999

The following is a list of documents which have been completed or are planned for the Eagle Lake Field Office in fiscal year 1999. If you need more information, please call the Project Leader at (530)257-0456.

NEPA Level /Number

Project Name / Description


Project Leader


EA 99-02

Cleghorn Thinning & Release

T.34N., R.10E.             T.34N., R.11E.

Dan Marlatt


EA 99-03

Bizz Johnson Trail             Programmatic Maintenance

T.29N., R.10E.-R.11E.   T.30N., R.11E.-R.12E.

Stan Bales


EA 99-06

Plan Amendment Honey Lake LUP

T.31N., R.12E,Sec. 21,       22, 27 & 28

Susan Wannebo


EA 99-07

Hobo Camp Power

T.30N., R.12E.,Sec. 31, SE

Stan Bales


EA 99-09

Yellow Star Thistle                 Prescribed Burn

T.27N., R.14E., Sec. 15

Gary Schoolcraft


CX 99-10

LMUD - Grasshopper Radio Antenna

T.34N., R.11E., Sec. 35

Susan Wannebo


CX 99-11

Washoe County Road Department   Elder Gravel Pit

T.29N., R.19E., Sec. 3

Susan Wannebo


CX 99-12

Washoe County Road Department   Sand Pass Gravel Pit

T.29N., R.19E.,Sec. 22

Susan Wannebo


CX 99-13

Washoe County Road Dept          Smoke Creek Turnoff Gravel Pit

T.31N., R.19E., Sec. 34

Susan Wannebo


CX 99-14

Washoe County Road Department   Espil Reservoir Gravel Pit

T.31N., R.20E., Sec. 5

Susan Wannebo


EA 99-15

1999 Sierra Valley Grazing Lease Renewals

T. N., R. E

Ken Visser


EA 99-18

US Cellular

T.34N., R.11E., Sec. 35, Grasshopper

Susan Wannebo


EA 99-19

Dodge Reservoir, Ramhorn Springs Campground Refurbish


Bill Kuntz


EA 99-21

ALC/BLM Exchange

Bizz Johnson Trail/Lands by College

Susan Wannebo


EA 99-22

Glenn Flanary - Road ROW

T.25N., R.16E., Sec. 14

Susan Wannebo


EA 99-23

Dry Fire ERP

Dry Valley

Don Armentrout


EA 99-24

Buckhorn Fire Complex

T.35N., R.17E.

Don Armentrout


EA 99-26

Buffam-Metcalf Allotment #0403, Permit Renewal

Termo - T.35N., R.11E.

Ralph Mauck


EA 99-27

Walton Allotment #0401                Permit Renewal

Grasshopper - T.35N., R.11E.

Ralph Mauck


EA 99-28

Willow Fire Rehab.

T.31N., R.12E.

Elam - Team Leader


CX 99-31

Willow Salvage

Willow Creek Fire

Scott Lieurance