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Dry Valley Rim Wilderness Study Area

Dry Valley Rim WSA

The Dry Valley Rim WSA is located in Washoe County, Nevada (76,177 acres) and Lassen County, California (18,131 acres). The WSA contains 94,308 acres of BLM-administered land and surrounds 338 acres of private land that is located in eight parcels, varying in size from 40 to 160 acres.

The Dry Valley Rim WSA, approximately 20 miles north to south, is predominantly natural with minor human imprints that have a negligible overall effect on naturalness in the area. The area is a north- to south-trending fault-block that rises gradually from the western side of the WSA to the abrupt 500 to 1,500 foot face of Dry Valley Rim, which is located along the east side of the WSA. Sagebrush and grass are the predominant vegetation throughout the WSA.

Dry Valley Rim WSA

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