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California Desert District

Northern and Eastern Mojave Planning Area

The Northern and Eastern Mojave (NEMO) planning area covers 3.3 million acres in parts of San Bernardino and Inyo Counties. It is a largely undeveloped region, stretching from north and northwest of Death Valley National Park to I-40 on the south, and from the Nevada state line on the east to beyond the western boundary of the Mojave National Preserve on the southwest, covering over 2.7 million acres of BLM managed public lands.

The BLM, in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Fish and Game, has developed proposed plan amendments and final environmental impact statement in the Northern and Eastern Mojave planning area of the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA). The plan amendment addresses threatened and endangered species conservation and recovery and adoption of public land health standards, evaluation of segments for eligibility in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, and changes resulting from the California Desert Protection Act passed in 1994. It also designated routes of travel in Desert Wildlife Management Areas consistent with Federal regulations.

Proposed Routes of Travel (May 2004)

Record of Decision (Signed 12/20/2002) PDF file

Cover of the Final CDCA Plan Amendment for the Nrthern and Eastern Mojave Planning AreaProposed Northern and Eastern Mojave Desert   Management Plan Amendment to the California Desert Conservation Area Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement (July 2002)

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Table of Contents

Title Page/Dear Reader

Executive Summary

Flysheets for Volume I

1.0 Purpose and Need

2.0 Proposed Plan and Alternatives

3.0 Affected Environment

4.0 Environmental Consequences

5.0 Consultation and Coordination

6.0 Document Support

7.0 Plan Monitoring

8.0 Geographic Information (Figures)


Flysheets for Volume II

A. Proposed Desert Tortoise Conservation Strategy

B. NEMO Implementation Strategy

C. Description and Strategy for Addressing Major Desert Tortoise Issues

D. Desert Tortoise Monitoring

E. Cattle Grazing Use Guidelines in NEMO Desert Habitat

F. New Surface Disturbances and Rehabilitation Strategies

G. Recommended Special Management Actions for T&E Plant

H. Recommended Special Management Actions for the Conservation of

I. Species of Special Consideration in NEMO

J. Upland Public Lands Assessment Criteria/Proper Functioning

K. Current Management Situation

L. Planning Criteria for the NEMO Planning Effort

M. Summary of CDCA Plan Maintenance Actions Resulting from the CDPA

N. Land Tenure Strategy for the NEMO Planning Area

O. Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report for the Amargosa River

P. Development of Standards for Public Land Health and Grazing

Q. Route Designation Process, Methodology and Results

R. List of G-E-M Resource Areas

S. Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report for Cottonwood Creek

T. Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Report for Surprise Canyon

U. Public Concern Statements and Analysis

V. USBF Biological Opinion for T&E Plants in the Mojave Desert

W. USBF Biological Opinion for the Threatened Desert Tortoise


Earlier documents

Draft California Desert Conservation Area Plan Amendments for the Northern and Eastern Mojave Planning Area

- Public meetings to gather comments on draft Northern and Eastern Mojave Desert Coordinated Management Plan and EIS (news release, 5/16/01)

- BLM releases Draft Northern and Eastern Mojave EIS for public review and comment (news release, 4/13/01)