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California Desert District

Desert Lawsuit Settlement

Information related to: settlement agreement reached in response to a lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, and the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility regarding the Endangered Species Act. The desert tortoise was federally listed as a threatened species in 1990.

Note: the PDF files below require Adobe Acrobat Reader: you can download Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

  • 5/19/06: Prevention of Unnecessary and Undue Degradation
 West Mojave Plan    (PDF)                      

           Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert Plan       (PDF)

           Coachella Valley Plan            (PDF)                      

           Western Desert Colorado Plan  (PDF)

  • 5/19/06:  Expiration of Administrative Closures
 West Mojave Plan        (PDF)                   

           Coachella Valley Plan    (PDF)                              

           Western Desert Colorado Plan  (PDF)

  • 1/4/05:  Federal Court issues injunction prohibiting OHV travel in desert washes
       News Release
       Court Order (PDF)
       BLM Restriction Order (PDF)
       Map (PDF)
       Detailed Wash Zone map 
  • 8/3/04: Order Regarding Cross-Motions for partial summary judgement (pdf)
  • 9/18/03: West Mojave Routes of Travel:
  • 3/14/02: Copy of Stipulation and Proposed Order to Amend Prior Stipulations, provided to Court for March 14, 2002 hearing. A further hearing is scheduled for April 25, 2002 at 11 a.m. for a joint motion to approve the above noted stipulation. (PDF file, 100 kilobytes)

  • 12/13/01: BLM Implements Interim Route Closure Near Kramer Junction to Protect Threatened Species:
    • News Release
    • Decision record (PDF file, 97 kilobytes)
    • Map: please note about these maps:
           - PDF version -- larger file size (1.74 megabytes)-- designed to print on 11 by 17 paper, but will also print to 8 1/2 by 11 size;
           - GIF version -- smaller file size (338 kilobytes) to download quicker, does not require Adobe Acrobat Reader -- but probably can not be viewed in a single computer screen (you will have to scroll to see various parts of the map) and is not intended for printing.

  • 11/30/01: Two roads temporarilly closed in Imperial County to protect bighorn sheep:
  • 11/21/01: BLM Establishes Temporary Route Network on Public Lands in Western San Bernardino County, 11/21/01 (Fremont subregion):
    • News release
    • Decision record
    • Federal Register (PDF)
    • Map: (PDF file, 169 kilobytes)
      • (clarification of map legend:
        • "Interim" - Everything within the interim closure area
        • "Easement Routes" - Routes considered a vital part of the proposed route network, but cross private lands and BLM would have to acquire an easement.
        • "Limited Routes" - Routes that are/would be part of the route network but would be closed during specific times of the year for resource/wildlife considerations (bighorn lambing season, rapture nesting, etc.)
      • Note on MAPS:
             - PDF?s are large file size (in the megabytes)and are designed to print on 11 by 17 paper)
             - GIF?s are smaller file size to download quicker, do not require Adobe Acrobat Reader -- but they probably can not be viewed in a single screen (you will have to scroll to see various parts of the map) and are not intended for printing.
      • PDF file (2.3 megabytes)
      • GIF file (284 kilobytes)





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