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Hazardous Material Program

This photo was taken by J. Livingood from Barstow Field Office. It is a photo of canisters with unknown liquids and solids were abandoned on public lands near Victorville, CA. in the summer of 2012.   Improper disposal or abandonment of waste is illegal.   Please dispose of waste properly and help keep your public lands clean.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) established the Hazardous Materials Management (HazMat) program to reduce risks associated with hazardous materials and solid waste on public lands. Contaminated materials on public lands may cause public endangerment, environmental damage, and damage to wildlife habitat.

Hazardous materials, wastes, and illegal dumps found around abandoned military sites and public lands result in soil contamination and damage to surface water and ground water.

BLM and partners work together to clean up contaminated sites to protect human health, safety, and reclaim the environment. These efforts include:

  • Investigating contaminated sites
  • Assessing sites for hazardous substances, health hazards, and level of threat to life and health
  • Removal and clean up of hazardous substances
  • Site restoration

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11/2013Desert Cleanup - Bellflower Mine