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Bishop Field Office

Weed Identification Handbook

Use the pictures and descriptions to identify an invasive plant and then fill out the weed location form each time you identify a weed in a new location. 

The booklet was assembled by the Eastern Sierra Weed Management Area, a local organization that brings together landowners and managers (private, city, county, State, Federal) for the purpose of controlling invasive weed species.  A copy of the book can be picked up at the Bishop Field Office, from Anne Halford - Botanist.

Hoary Cress

Photo of Hoary Cress
Cardaria draba

Musk Thistle

Photo of Musk Thistle flower
Carduus nutans

Diffuse Knapweed

Photo of Diffuse Knapweed flower
Centaurea diffusa

Spotted Knapweed

Photo of Spotted Knapweed flower
Centaurea maculosa

Russian Knapweed

Photo of Russian Knapweed flower
Acroptilon repens

Yellow Starthistle

Photo of Yellow Starthistle flower
Centaurea solstitialis

Squarrose Knapweed

Photo of Squarrose Knapweed flower
Centaurea sqarrosa

Rush Skeletonweed

Photo of Rush Skeletonweed flower
Chondrilla juncea

Canada Thistle

Photo of Canada Thistle flower
Cirsium arvense


Photo of Poisen Hemlock flower
Conium maculatum

Common Crupina

Photo of Commen Crupina flower
Crupina vulgaris


Photo of Houndstongue flower
Cynoglossum officinale

Leafy Spurge
Photo of Leafy Spurge flower
Euphorbia esula

Photo of Halogeton
Halogeton glomeratus

St. Johnswort
Photo of St. Johnswort flower
Hypericum perforatum

Dyer's woad
Photo of Dyer's woad flower
Isatis tinctoria

Perennial Pepperweed
Photo of Perennial Pepperweed flower
Lepidium latifolium

Dalmatian Toadflax
Photo of Dalmatian Toadflax flower
Linaria genistifolia ssp. dalmatica

Yellow toadflax
Photo of Yellow Toadflax flower
Linaria vulgaris

Purple Loosestrife
Photo of Purple Loosestrife flower
Lythrum salicaria

Scotch Thistle
Photo of Scotch Thistle flower
Onopordum acanthium ssp. acanthium

Sulfur Cinquefoil
Photo of Sulfur Cinquefoil flower
Potentilla recta

 Russian Thistle
Photo of Russian Thistle
Salsola tragus


Photo of Medusahead
Taeniatherum caput-medusae


Photo of Tamarisk (saltcedar) flower
Tamaraix ramosissima

Puncture Vine
Photo of Puncture Vine
Tribulus terrestris