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Bodie Bowl Area of Critical Environmental Concern

In 1993, the Bodie Bowl was designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) by the Bureau of Land Management's Record of Decision for the Bishop Resource Management Plan. With a high desert setting in the Bodie Hills (8,000 to 9,000 feet in elevation), the Bodie Bowl provides habitat for numerous wildlife species, forage for livestock grazing, and potentially valuable mineral deposits.

The area also contains the ghost town of Bodie (a State Historic Park) and widespread historic resources reflecting the mining which occurred around it.The remoteness of the Bodie Bowl provides excellent opportunities for enjoyment of the historic ghost town and its scenic backdrop, and helps make it a major recreational attraction in Mono County.

The Bodie Bowl ACEC is located in the Bodie Hills in Mono County, California. It is approximately three miles south and 12 miles east of the county seat at Bridgeport.


BLM carefully manages the Bodie Bowl to protect, interpret and preserve the area's cultural, historic, natural and aesthetic values, including the special features of its scenic natural and historic landscape that enable visitors to enjoy the "Bodie Experience."


The "Bodie Experience"

Nowhere in America can a person better journey back in time to experience a legendary Western boomtown than in the historic mining region of Bodie. As we walk the streets and view the structures and surrounding landscape, we begin to understand frontier life of the 1880s -- the searing heat, the bitter cold, the sound of the wind, the eerie quiet, and the final isolation of the cemetery. This experience helps us comprehend the place, events and people of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds contributing to the American spirit of fact and myth. Bodie offers an individual the unique opportunity to discover and experience the special sense of place suspended in time. . . free from the sights and sounds of contemporary intrusion. . . . This is the Bodie Experience

Image of old-time miner, panning for gold
For more information about the ghost town of Bodie,California, visit the home page of The Bodie State Historic Park. (To return to our BLM web page, just use the "back" button on your browser.) The Bodie Historic Park is managed by the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation.