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Chevron Energy Solutions Lucerne Valley Solar Project (CACA 49561)

The following diagram shows the current progress for this proposed project with links to applicable project-related documents. The colored bar in the center indicates the items that have been completed or are currently underway.


           Federal Coordination Process
  Right-of-Way Grant -  
  - Record of Decision 
Public Comment Period -  
  Notification of Final EIS
Publication of Final EIS -  
  - Public Comment Period  
Notice of Availability of Draft EIS -  

Draft EIS Vol. 1
- Draft EIS Vol. 2

Notice of Intent -  

Project Vitals

Chevron Energy Solutions (CES) is proposing to develop a 45-megawatt solar photovoltaic (PV) plant and associated facilities on 516 acres of federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The site of CES’s proposed action is located on unincorporated land in the Mojave Desert, approximately eight miles east of Lucerne Valley in San Bernardino County, Calif.

The BLM will decide whether to approve, approve with modification, or deny issuance of a right of way (ROW) grant to CES for the proposed solar project. The decision the BLM will make is whether or not to grant a ROW and if so, under what terms and conditions, and whether to amend the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) land-use plan in two potential ways.

First, the Environmental Impact Statement will be used to consider whether the CDCA Plan should be amended to designate the lands as suitable or unsuitable for solar energy development. Second, CES’s proposal would reroute a portion of Zircon Road, a currently designated route of travel. Also included in the proposal is an interconnection to an existing Southern California Edison distribution line located north of the site.

Public Comments

FEIS Public Comments- comments on the Final EIS (1.7 Mb)

DEIS Public Comments 1- comments on the Draft EIS (12 Mb)

DEIS Public Comments 2- comments on the Draft EIS (11 Mb)

Public Meetings

3/9/10 Public Meeting Transcript

3/9/10 Public Meeting Powerpoint

Lucerne Scoping Meeting, Powerpoint Presentation 7/29/09

Authorization Documents

Director's Protest Resolution Report

Right-of-Way Grant

Record of Decision, 10/5/10

Record of Decision Appendices

Final EIS

FEIS Executive Summary

FEIS Volume I Chapter 1

Chapter 2  / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

Chapters 5,6,7&8

FEIS Volume II - Appendix A - Public Scoping Report

Appendix B - Emissions Calculations

Appendix C - Biological Assessment

Appendix D - Comprehensive Biological Resources Assessment

Appendices E,F&G - Cultural Resources, Paleontology, Dust Control
FEIS Volume III - Appendix H - Weed Control Plan
Appendix I - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Appendix J - Spill Prevention

Appendix K - Biological Opinion

Appendix L - Eagle Survey

Appendix M - Comment Letters
Appendix N - BLM Response to Comments
Appendix O - Hydrology

Draft EIR/EA

DEIS Executive Summary and Maps

Draft EIS Vol. I

Draft EIS Vol. II

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