Barstow Field Office

BLM Law Enforcement Rangers


Law Enforcement is essential for the appropriate management, use and protection of public lands and resources. A need for law enforcement continues to grow with the current increase in visitors to public lands.

BLM Rangers, as uniformed Federal law enforcement officers:

  • Enforce Federal laws and regulations governing the public lands and resources.

  • Provide a regular and reoccurring presence over the public land.

  • Take appropriate actions when any unauthorized use or illegal activity is detected, including conducting investigations, issuing warnings and citations, and making arrests.

  • Work closely with local, county, and state law enforcement officials in conducting law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

  • Conduct informational and educational programs

  • Provide emergency medical aid.

  • Monitor resource conditions.

  • Eliminate hazardous situations.

As the most visible BLM employees, rangers are often the only Bureau employees the desert visitor sees. If you find a situation that you feel may be dangerous or illegal, report it to a ranger. They can be reached at the following numbers:

Routine matters call (760) 252-6000
Emergencies call (888) 233-6561 or (909) 383-5651


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