Permits and Events

There are many competitive and special events planned each year. Most require a permit for the use of BLM managed land.

Fees collected for these permits are used to help manage activities, improve access to these areas and to add administrative support.

Also, the permit process is a tool for managers to ensure that conflicting activities are not scheduled at the same time.

  Types of permitted activities include:

  • Commercial Filming/ Photography - including feature films, television series and commercials, as well as magazine ads and features. Many students do photography projects that require permission to use the lands to ensure that there is not a scheduling conflict.

  • Competitive Events - including car and motorcycle racing and riding events.

  • Product Testing - this includes launching drone aircraft, off-road testing of vehicles and other equipment.

  • Musical Events - including concerts and bands.

  • Vending - including the sale of food and products at competitive events or otherwise on BLM-managed land.

How To Get Permit Applications and other Information

Call the Barstow Field Office at (760) 252-6000 for further information. Filming and race events are two differently organized activities.

You will be referred to the proper BLM person based on the activity and area that you plan to use.