Chapter 9 - Biological Resources

Known Locations of Proposed Plant Species

For application of the Limited Surface Use Stipulation - Federally Proposed and Listed Species (LSU - Protected Species)


Mimulus shervockii:

Clarkia springvillensis:

Navarretia setiloba:

T. 25S., R.33E.,
         Sec. 35 SE1/4SE1/4
         Sec. 36 S1/2SW1/4

T. 26S., R.33E.,
         Sec. 1 NW1/4
         Sec. 2 NE1/4,

T. 20S., R. 30E.,
         Sec. 19 S1/2E1/2

T. 27S., R32E.,
         Sec. 13 NW1/4
         Sec. 26 NE1/4,

T. 27S., R29E.
         Sec. 2 S1/2Se1/4

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