Chapter 2
Management Objectives & Allocations


The Proposed Action consists of a combination of management objectives, allocations, and guidelines that will direct where things may happen, the resource conditions to be maintained, and the use limitations expected to be necessary to meet management objectives.

The information presented is organized by management area. Each section is preceded by a brief summary of the characteristics of the management area and existing land use allocations. The summary has been provided to assist in determining how, where and to what extent the proposed action will affect public land management.

The proposed action also includes Resource Area-Wide allocations that are common to all three of the management areas. The Area-Wide allocations are presented at the conclusion of the chapter.

Additional detailed information related to management guidelines to be used in implementation of the Proposed Action are found in the Resource Management Plan Chapters 4 - 12.

Resource Area - Wide Management Objectives

Manage public lands to provide healthy, sustainable, biologically diverse ecosystems contributing goods, services and other social and cultural needs for local communities, the region and nation.

Manage public lands to meet the following minimum Standards of Ecosystem Health (see Chapter 6 of the RMP for further explanation and indicators used to determine whether or not these standards are being met)

Soils exhibit functional biological and physical characteristics that are appropriate to soil type, climate, and land form.

Healthy, productive and diverse populations of native species, including special status species (Federal T&E, Federal proposed, BLM sensitive, or Calif. State T&E) are maintained or enhanced where appropriate.

Riparian/wetland vegetation, structure and diversity and stream channels and floodplains are functioning properly and achieving advanced ecological status.

Surface and groundwater quality complies with California or other appropriate water quality standards.

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