Chapter 12 - Special Management Area Descriptions
Coast Management Area

Huasna Peak

Huasna Peak is located approximately 7 miles east of the community of Nipomo in San Luis Obispo County. To the east and adjacent to the parcel are both the Huasna River and Twitchell Reservoir. The parcel consists of approximately 1,005 acres of Federal surface and subsurface.

Most of this parcel is extremely rugged with narrow and steep-sided drainages covered with an impenetrable mass of chamise and chaparral. A fire trail trends from Boar Peak to Huasna Peak. There is no public or administrative access to this parcel. The area supports a diverse assemblage of vegetative communities - Chamise Chaparral, Central Coastal Scrub, Venturan Coastal Sage Scrub, Coast Live Oak Woodland. Two rare plants, Hoover's bent grass (Agrostis hooveri) and Bishop manzanita (Arctostaphylos obispoensis) are locally abundant on the public land parcels. The parcels to the west in Sections 8 N½NE¼ and Section 9 W½NW¼ SBB&M are not within the confines of the SMA.  This parcel was not included in the SMA because BLM owns only the subsurface and the parcel did not meet management objective.

The Huasna Peak parcel is within the ethnographic boundary of the Chumash; however, the area is near the interface of the Chumash and Salinan cultural groups. Although there is not a consensus between researchers on which group occupied the Huasna area, the area is generally attributed to the Obispeno, a northern Chumash group. Huasna is a Chumash placename for village. The Huasna parcel has been identified by the northern Chumash as a place having spiritual or religious values to their people.

Objective      Manage the Huasna Peak SMA to provide protection to the natural landscape in order to preserve the Native American traditional lifeway values associated with the land and the diversity of faunal and floral resources.

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Management Prescriptions

The SMA is open for the leasing of oil, gas and geothermal resources subject to NSU.

The SMA is unavailable for livestock grazing due to its unsuitability.

Support Actions

Develop an agreement with Native American representatives and adjacent land owners to assist BLM in the management of the parcel to enhance the management objective.

Legal Description

T. 11 N., R. 33 W., SBB&M
Sec. 9 Lot 1, NW¼NE¼ S½NE¼, SE¼
Sec. 10 Lots 2, 3, SW¼NW¼, SW¼, W½SE¼
Sec. 15 NW¼NE¼, NW¼
Sec. 16 NE¼

Area Map

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