A Carrizo Plain National Monument sign stands in a large valley with mountains in the background.
Rafting the Kern River Three Pump Jacks, Midway-Sunset Oilfield Painted Rock. Carrizo Plain National Monument. Poppy Piedras Blancas Lightstation, San Simeon
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Bakersfield Field Office

Carrizo Plain Natural Area Plan - Completed in 1996

Table of Contents

Overview Selby Rocks, very cloudy day

I.  Introduction

A.  Issues and Constraints

B.  Acquisition History

Table - Land Ownership

II.  Resource Description

A.  Geographical Setting

1.  Physical Setting

2.  Regional Setting

B.  Geology and Paleontology

1.  Climate

2.  Air Quality

3.  Hydrology cattle grazing

4.  Soils

C.  Biotic Resources

1.  Plant Communities

Table 2 - Vegetation Associations

3.  Animal Communities

4.  Listed Species

5.  Habitat Management
a.  Fire
b.  Livestock Grazing

D.  Cultural Resources

E.  Extractable Minerals Old pier on Soda Lake, barely visible

1.  Oil and Gas

2.  Solid Minerals

3.  Locatable Minerals

4.  Solid Leasable Minerals

5.  Salable Minerals

F.  Recreation

1.  Wilderness

G.  Infrastructure & Administration

1.  Infrastructure

2.  Administration/Coordination

3.  Fire Suppression Administration

4.  Withdrawals and Special Designations

5.  Third-Party Rights

6.  Use Authorizations

III. Management and Environmental Impacts wishbone bush

A.  Standard Operating Procedures

1.  Environmental review and documentation

2.  General Project Impacts
a.  General Surface Disturbing Impacts
b.  General Cultural Resource Impacts
c.  General Wildlife Impact
d.  General Wildlife Collision Impacts

3.  Avoidance/Mitigation Measure
a.  General
b.  Biotic Communities
c.  Cultural Resources
d.  Native America
e.  Minerals
f.   Recreation
g.  Administration
1.  Disposals
2.  Leases/permits
3.  Rights-of-way

4.  Unauthorized use, development & occupancy       four antelope

B.  Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenarios

1.  Fluid Mineral Exploration and Development

2.  Solid Mineral Exploration and Development
a.  Locatable Minerals
b.  Solid Leasable Minerals
c.  Salable Minerals
d.  Geothermal

3.  Recreation

4.  Infrastructure

5.  Private Land Use

C.  Definition View of Soda Lake with water reflecting the hills in the distance

D.  Resource Elements

1.  Geology and Paleontology

2.  Soil, Air, Hydrology
a.  Soil
b.  Air Quality
c.  Hydrology

3.  Biotic Communities
a.  Biotic Community Restoration and Reintroduction
b.  Core Plant and Animal Species
c.  Habitat Management
1.  Fire
2.  Livestock Grazing horseback camping
d.  Research and Monitoring

4.  Cultural Rescues

E.  Public Use Elements

1.  Native Americans

2.  Extractable Minerals

3.  Recreation
a.  Facilities
1.  Camping
b.  Hunting
c.  Other Recreations
d.  Interpretation
e.  Vehicular Access

4. Lands Acquisition and Ownership lmunzi

F.  Infrastructure & Administration Elements

1.  Infrastructure
a.  Facility Operation and Maintenance
b.  Facility Development
c.  Third party Land Use Applications

2.  Administration
a.  Research Inventory
b.  Monitoring
c.  Supplement Rules
d.  Emergency Services and Public Safety
1.  Law Enforcement
2.  Fire Safety

3.  Search and Rescue

4.  Radio Communications

5.  Earthquake Investigations

G.  Cumulative Impacts
1.  Geology and Paleontology old farm equipment
2.  Soil, Air, Hydrology
3.  Biotic Communities
4.  Cultural
5.  Extractable Minerals
6.  Recreation
7.  Infrastructure and Administration
8.  Regional

H.  Plan Operation

I.  Conclusion

J.  Record of Decision

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Appendix B
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Appendix D
Appendix E
Appendix F
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