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Bakersfield Field Office

Bakersfield Metro Fire Station

Metro Fire Station Engine 3130 logo

Metro Fire Station is Located on the northern edge of  Bakersfield California. The station is more of a Resource hub than it is a dedicated fire Station. None the less, it is the largest BLM facility in the state of California. This plays a vital role in the diversity we see out of the employees here in Bakersfield. We adhere to the title Range Technician or jack of all trades. During the fire season we are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of the land we manage and the public who utilize our vast resources. During non-fire season, Fire employees aid different aspects of the office ranging from wild life to repopulating native plants.

Since the office is so close to a metropolitan area, we do not have barracks available for this station. However, it is common to see many seasonal pool their resources and live in a house or a group of apartments together. As I pointed out before with the diversity of the office, we may find ourselves working different schedules from week to week to adhere to the nature of different staff needs. Nevertheless, we adhere to a 40 hour work week and during fire season stick to the 0930 to 1800 schedule. Metro is responsible for the largest response area out of all four fire stations. Which in turn, we have the highest number of fires per season compared to our peers. We work extremely close with all of our co-operators: Kern County, Bakersfield City, Santa Barbra County, Ventura County, San Louis County, Sequoia National Forest and the Los Padres National Forest all share a boundary with BLM and are all in 3130’s Protection area.

Metro Engine 3130

Since BLM is one of the smallest federal fire resources, we are forced to be a tight knit group. Training and physical standards here at the Bakersfield Office are a huge part of the fire program and paramount here at Metro Fire Station. Meeting the national standards is just the beginning; we boast of our capabilities here and welcome others to challenge us. P.T. is just one avenue in which our bond is formed here; in order to fight and win as a team we have to train as a team. You can see ideas being shared across the board between fire modules and we all like to see our sister stations excel, or strive to be in second place with us!

Engine 3130 is the fleet ship of the Bakersfield program. She’s capable of holding up to 550 gallons of water, and 20 gallons of foam. We have several capabilities at our disposal, Engine 3130 has a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS), we also carry Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses (SCBA), and our hose compliment when fully stocked can produce 2,300 feet of a progressive hose lay. 3130 is capable of pumping on all four sides of the engine as well as drafting off of both the left and right hand sides. The Engine is staffed by three permanent employees and two seasonal Fire Fighters. We also build our own hand tools to help us be more productive in our fire suppression efforts.

We here at Metro Fire Station take great pride in both are station and our Engine. We adhere to the values and missions that are agency sets for us and truly value safely serving the community and protecting our country’s Natural Resources.

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