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Wildflower tour - photo by Dan Evangelo
Wildflower tour, photo by Dan Evangelo

The Carrizo Plain National Monument contains over 200,000 acres offering a diverse number of recreational opportunities for the visitor. Management by three agencies allows for multiple uses while preserving the area's unique flora, fauna and its overall sense of peacefulness.

Whatever your purpose for visiting the Carrizo Plain National Monument,  please take a few minutes to read the  General Information, Special Rules, and Leave No Trace Guidelines.

Have a safe and enjoyable visit!

RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Available on the Carrizo Plain

  • Birding
    Within the Pacific flyway, the CPNM has Long-billed Curlews, wintering raptors and others.
  • Camping
    The CPNM has two designated camping areas with limited provisions.
  • The Goodwin Education Center
    The Education Center is the place to learn about the Carrizo Plain National Monument and all it has to offer! Our beautiful diorama displays many of the threatened and endangered species that are the natural residents here. 
  • Hiking and Bicycling
    Learn about our hiking trails and biking tips.
  • Horseback Riding
    What you should know before you ride out on the CPNM.
  • Hunting
    The diversity of the CPNM provides many hunting opportunities.
  • Wildflowers and Sightseeing
    The CPNM can be one of the most beautiful wildflower viewing areas in California.
  • Tours
    Sign up for tours at or by calling 1-877-444-6777 or TDD 1-877-833-6777.
  • Special Recreation Permits  Contact the CPNM Outdoor Recreation Planner at 661-391-6048 for more information.
  • Film Permits


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Available on the Carrizo Plain

Two volunteers clearing brush at El Saucito Ranch during National Public Lands Day 2007.
Volunteers clearing brush on the El Saucito Ranch 
during National Public Lands Day 2007.

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