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When early explorers first entered the Carrizo Plain in the San Joaquin Valley, they found a lush paradise of native grasses and colorful wildflowers. This broad, fertile valley sustained immense herds of tule elk and pronghorn antelope. California condors circled overhead, and intermittent pools provided food for waterfowl and shorebirds. Native Americans came to hunt the abundant game, and their many encampments dotted the plain. Today, the Carrizo Plain supports a wealth of threatened and endangered species, including the following:


  • San Joaquin Kit Fox
  • Giant Kangaroo Rat
  • San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel

giant kangaroo rat

Giant Kangaroo Rat

antelope ground squirrel

  San Joaquin Antelope Squirrel


  • California Condor


  • California Jewelflower

    California Jewelflower







  California Jewelflower


Species Lists

Plant Communities range from iodine bush and salt bush scrub to valley grasslands and California Juniper woodland. Tule elk and pronghorn antelope have been reintroduced into the area and can be seen at various locations on the plain. Many raptors, including redtail hawks, golden eagles, kites, harriers, owls, and others can be found all year throughout the area. The California Condor has been reintroduced nearby and may someday be seen again over the plain.

Below are current lists of plants and fauna found within the boundaries of the Carrizo Plain National Monument. These are also available in printed form at the Goodwin Education Center.

  • Plant List
  • Bird List
  • Mammal List
  • Amphibian and Reptile List

Vegetation Management

Seasonable vegetation management strategies on the Carrizo Plain National Monument.


California State University, Stanislaus: Endangered Species Recovery Program 

Oregon State University: Ecology and Management of Burrowing Owls in California 

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