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Pacific Crest Trail Water Sources
Owens Peak Segment

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Walker Pass Trailhead/Campground - Water is no longer available at Walker Pass Trailhead or at Walker Pass Campground.  An alternate source of water is from a nearby spring development located 1/10 mile west on Highway 178 in the bottom of the drainage by the 30 mph sign.  Look for the square cement structure.

Joshua Tree Spring - 11.5 miles north of Walker Pass.  
Notice:  This water source is not maintained and may not 
be functional.  It exceeds the clean water standards for uranium.
Late season flows may be unreliable.

Spanish Needle Creek - 4.4 miles north of Joshua Tree Spring and a spring-fed streamlet another 1.3 miles past the creek.  These natural surface waters have not been tested but are usually reliable all season.

Located another 10.9 miles north from the streamlet in Spanish Needle Canyon is the year round Chimney Creek.  About 100 yards from the Chimney Creek the PCT crosses Canebrake Road.  Just 1/4 mile north is BLM's Chimney Creek Campground

Chimney Creek Campground has a well with potable water.   The campground is about 1 mile off the trail.  The well should be running from April through September.   Notice:  The piped water in the lower part of the campground exceeds the clean water standards for uranium.  There is no piped water in the upper campground.

Fox Mill Spring - There is no longer any water at Fox Mill Spring, which is located about 2 miles northwest of Canebrake Road along the PCT.  A sign along the PCT marks its location.    The next source is the South Fork Kern River, 14.4 miles northwest within the U.S. Forest Service portion of the Dome Land Wilderness.

Note:  Options are being considered to get potable water at Fox Mill Spring and at Walker Pass Campground, but it may not happen until 2013 or later.

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