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Chimney Peak Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) 

The Chimney Peak Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA); located approximately 70 miles east of Bakersfield, consists of approximately 123,000 acres encompassing the crest of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. It extends north of California State Highway 178 to the edge of the Field Office boundary.

The area offers outstanding opportunities for primitive recreation and experiences of solitude and isolation. Please click on the following links for additional informationThe scenic Chimney Peak Back Country Byway meanders among several Congressionally designated Wilderness areas and, for the more adventurous, the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail bisects the SRMA.

The SRMA includes primitive camping facilities at Chimney Creek Campground and Long Valley Campground.

     Trees and dappled sunlight in Chimney Creek Campground.
     Chimney Creek Campground


 Lamont Pinnacles, seen fromChimney Peak Road    

Chimney Peak Back Country Byway


View of ridgeline from Long Valley campground
Long Valley Campground

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CampgroundsRestroomsPotable Water (Seasonally Available at some Campgrounds)




A portion of the Chimney Peak Back Country Byway road is washed out and impassable.
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