King Range National Conservation Area: Hunting

Hunting is permitted on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Proper access to public lands must be through public roads.  Crossing private lands to access public lands is not permitted unless you first obtain permission from the private landowner.  Safe and prudent actions should be followed at all times.  Be aware of the other public land visitors who may be utilizing the same areas for other recreational uses, e.g., camping and hiking.

The steep terrain of the King Range NCA limits the locations that would be ideal for hunting.  The northern upland region is the most favorable area for deer hunting, meanwhile the southern region in Hidden Valley-Chemise Mountain area is ideal for elk hunting. 

For more information on hunting regulations, please visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's website at

Target shooting is allowed on public lands.  However, you must provide your own targets and remove your debris when you leave your site.  It is illegal to deface or destroy trees, signs, outbuildings, or other objects on federal lands that are for the public's enjoyment.  CFR 8365.1-5(a)(1)&(2).  Please use paper targets only.  Shooting glass objects is prohibited.  When you are finished target shooting, we require you to remove all your targets, gun shells, clay pigeons, and any and all items used for your target shooting.