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To make sure your trip to the Headwaters Forest Reserve goes well from the start and that nothing unexpected stops you from enjoying your visit, read this page first. Remember to be respectful of the park and other visitors.

Rules and Regulations

  • The Reserve is open from sunrise to sunset for day use only. Camping is not allowed.
  • Entry on the southern end of the Reserve, via the Felt Springs Road, is by guided hike only, May 15 through November 15, depending on weather. All other times, public access to the southern end of the Reserve is not allowed.
  • Dogs must be under voice control of the owner at all times, or on a leash. Dogs are only allowed on the Elk River Corridor Trail.
  • Pedestrian access is allowed only on designated trails.
  • Bicycles are allowed from the Elk River parking area to the posted turn-around, approximately 3 miles on the Elk River Corridor Trail. Bicycles must stay on the trail at all times.
  • Motorized access is not allowed.
  • Equestrian use is not allowed.
  • Discharge or use of firearms (including bows) is not allowed.
  • Hunting is not allowed.
  • Campfires, campstoves, grills, or fireworks are not allowed.
  • Swimming is not allowed.
  • Vegetation Gathering is not allowed.
  • To avoid attracting predators, such as crows, ravens, or jays, to sensitive wildlife areas, pack out ALL trash including banana peels, orange peels, and apple cores. 

Guided Hikes

For information on guided hikes, visit our Salmon Pass Trail webpage.

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