Moss covered logs and ferns surround a stream at the Headwaters Forest Preserve.
Headwaters Headwaters Headwaters Headwaters Headwaters
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Headwaters Forest Reserve Photos
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Old growth and dry gully green undergrowth in the forest reserve Headwaters Education Center Headwaters visitors riding a bike

mushrooms on a log near water Resource Advisory Council members and BLM staff hike through a grove of lofty old growth trees along the Elk River Trail hiker pointing up at a redwood tree still water in front of grass and trees

fallen tree on leaf-covered ground Headwaters Elk River sign two hikers looking at redwoods undergrowth and fallen log

looking up through redwoods South end tours Headwaters ADA trail CCC's building trail

HEC panels Headwaters Old Growth Headwaters Old Growth Headwaters Old Growth

Headwaters Old Growth Murrlet on a nest Murrlets swimming IMG_0072

IMG_0090 IMG_0364 IMG_0032 IMG_0042

hdwts owls Headwaters_Pacific Giant Salamander Students from Humboldt State University conducting forestry research in Headwaters 1 Students from Humboldt State University conducting forestry research in Headwaters 2

Image of a logging road in Headwaters prior to decommissioning Image of logging road in Headwaters during decommissioning Image of logging road in Headwaters after decommissioning and planting Image of forest thinning project in Headwaters

Little South Fork Elk River Trail Road Conversion Image of a salamander shelter built by East High School of Fortuna Image of the Headwaters Education Center with Open Doors Spawning salmon in the South Fork of Elk River

Steelhead trout closeup head shot 2013_Upper Salmon Creek Salmon Creek photo Close-up of Clintonia in Headwaters

HEC_Activist Lecture_Wideshot Elkhead Springs_2013 Road Decommissioning Elkhead Springs_2013 Road Decommissioning in Progress HEC_2013 Jon Gates Lecture

2013_California Conservation Corps Trail Repair HEC 2013_Julie Clark as Maggie, the Falk camp cook HEC 2013_Activism Lecture Headwaters_Two northern spotted owls

2013_Salmon Creek pool monitoring HEC 2013_Railroads lecture Falk craft house Headwaters Vintage Poster

Headwaters vintage poster_real The BLM Forest Ecologist leads a tour of the Salmon Pass Trail The Salmon Pass Trail passing through an old-growth redwood forest Visitors take a break in an old-growth redwood forest on the Salmon Pass Trail

Old-growth redwood trees along the Salmon Pass Trail

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Headwaters Forest Reserve

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