Moss covered logs and ferns surround a stream at the Headwaters Forest Preserve.
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Headwaters Forest Reserve Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final EIS/EIR

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EIS Document Cover

Introductory Cover Letter

Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Planning Framework

Chapter 3 - Affected Environment (Environmental Setting) and Interim Management of the Reserve (2,852 kb)

Figure 3-1 General Characteristics
Figure 3-2 Geology and Watersheds
Figure 3-3 Timber Harvest History
Figure 3-4a Generalized Seral Stages of Vegetation
Figure 3-4b Detailed Seral Stages of Vegetation
Figure 3-5 Range of Anadromy
Figure 3-6 Marbled Murrelet Nesting Survey Results
Figure 3-7 Northern Spotted Owl Nesting Behavior Sightings
Figure 3-8 Regional Recreation Opportunities

Chapter 4 - Management Goals and Direction

Chapter 5 - Management Alternatives (1,226 kb)

Figure 5-1 Visitor Management Zones and Potential Trails System
Figure 5-2 Visitor Management Zones and Proposed Trail System
Figure 5-3 Alternatives for Lands Having Wilderness Characteristics

Chapter 6 - Environmental Consequences (Environmental Effects and Alternative Comparisons) (1,448 kb)

Figure 6-1 Disturbance Zones for Trail Alternative 4A
Figure 6-2 Disturbance Zones for Trail Alternative 4B
Figure 6-3 Disturbance Zones for Trail Alternative 4D

Chapter 7 - Comments and Responses to Comments on the Draft Plan/EIS/EIR

Chapter 7 Attachments - Comments Letters (5,163 kb)

Chapter 8 - References Cited

Appendix A - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Species List

Appendix B - Applicable Management Guidelines from the Northwest Forest Plan

Appendix C - Reserve Legislation

Appendix D - Federal Recreational Fee Demonstration Program

Appendix E - Visual Resource Management Classes

Appendix F - Visitor Management Zones

Appendix G - Headwaters Wilderness Inventory and Study

Appendix H - Wild and Scenic River Eligibility and Suitability Study

Appendix I - State of California Ecological Reserve Regulations

Appendix J - Alternatives Considered but Eliminated

Appendix K - List of Preparers

Appendix L - Individuals and Organizations Receiving Notice of this Document

Appendix M - Index

Appendix N - Supplemental Rules