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Headwaters Fish and Wildlife 

Headwaters was established as an ecological reserve to preserve the last remaining unprotected stand of old growth redwood forest and the flora and fauna that inhabit it.

There are 3 wildlife species inhabiting the Reserve that are a candidate for listing or listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The threatened species are the marbled murrelet and the northern spotted owl and candidate for listing is the Pacific fisher. 

marbled murrlet sitting on a nest high in the redwood canopy

 A sibling pair of northern spotted owls in Headwaters

Image of pacific fisher captured with a wildlife camera in Headwaters.

There are three federally threatened fish populations that inhabit the South Fork of the Elk River within Headwaters. These are coho and chinook salmon and steelhead trout. Coastal cutthroat trout also inhabit the two watersheds of Headwaters, the South Fork Elk River and Salmon Creek.
Image of spawning salmon in the South Fork Elk River within Headwaters. Upper Salmon Creek in Headwaters  Closeup image of a steelhead trout.

Headwaters Forest Reserve

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Through its restoration and research and monitoring efforts, the BLM hopes to expand habitat for federally protected species and improve existing habitat conditions within Headwaters.

A dry gully in the old-growth in Headwaters

Upper Salmon Creek in Headwaters

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