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Wood Heat - In Case of a Fire

1.  Be prepared - know what to do in advance. Keep a 5 lb., ABC type chemical fire extinguisher nearby.

2. In the event of an actual fire, close the damper and call the fire department. Know the emergency telephone number. In most areas it is 911.

As with any emergency, stay on the phone to give directions to your home, the nearest cross street, or any change in the fire situation.

3. With small flue fires, you can discharge an ABC chemical fire extinguisher into the fire box. Do so only if you can do it safely:

FIRST - Open the damper slightly for 30 seconds - this is necessary to expel unburned gases.

SECOND - Open the stove door SLIGHTLY to allow the stove to "breathe" - opening too rapidly could cause a back-flash explosion. Stand away from the opening and use gloves.

THIRD - Open door enough to discharge extinguisher - discharge all of the contents - Close the door and close the damper.

FOURTH - Check all spaces, the attic and the roof for any extension of the fire. Re-check the same areas 30 minutes after the fire is "out." Even if you think you were successful, it is still a good idea to call the fire department for a professional check-out of all spaces.

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