Alturas Field Office

Tableland Project Priorities

      1.   North Fitzhugh diversion pipe (Ditch Liner completed
       2.  Little Juniper and Juniper Hill stockponds (Completed)
       3.  Neckdown/close gaps (Completed)
       4.  Rim fence maintenance (Completed)
       5.  Antelope Trap fence replacement (Completed)
       6.  Yankee Jim ponds/ditch system/duck ponds (First stage
       7.  Indian/Roberts Spring development and fencing (Completed
       8.  East/West Spring development and fencing (Scheduled for
            2004 construction)
       9.  Yankee Jim Pasture and perimeter fencing (Perimeter
      10. Millward fence removal/division fencing/spring exclosure/pond
            (Pasture fence to be constructed 2003/2004)
      11. Dobe Swale Reservoir/fencing/division rocks (Division rocks
            not completed)
      12. Prospect Spring development and fencing
      13. Rock Spring development and fencing (Scheduled for 2004
      14. Ranch House dispositon (based on public input)
      15. Tablelands signing
      16. Cab Field fence realignment (Completed)
      17. Signal Butte Well repair (Scheduled for propane fired 
            generator - 2004))
      18. Yankee Jim juniper cuts (Jim Creek completed)
      19. Yankee Jim road closure/reroute:
            a.  Near pond 2
            b.  South side of Yankee Jim meadow
            c.  Road crossing on W. Spring
            d.  Eckland boundary gate culvert
            e.  Jim Creek/Ranch House crossing
            f.   East Spring crossing
            g.  Hershey Spring/Fitzhugh Creek
      20. Rock armor headcut below `78 exclosure
      21. Fitzhugh Creek juniper cuts
      22. Feasibility study on mineral withdrawals
      23. Install cattleguards at Signal Butte and Big Juniper Creek
            (Signal Butte completed)
      24. Millward Field stockpond
      25. Pine Creek Mesa north fence
      26. Pine Creek Mesa CDF&G boundary fence (Completed)
      27. Corbie Field exchange
      28. Stevens Allotment exchange
      29. Dispose of land west of highway 395
      30. Clean up debris around ranch
      31. Burn drug lab (Completed)
      32. Repair/rebuild nesting islands
      33. Fence nesting islands
      34. North Fork/Jim Creek diversion study
      35. Riparian planting at Fitzhugh Creek
      36. Fitzhugh Creek Canyon prescribed burn