Sand dunes dominate the landscape in the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area.
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Alturas Field Office

Mountain Bike Routes

General Information:

Due to the increasing public interest in mountain bike routes, the Alturas Resource Area has created three routes with spectacular vistas and breathtaking panoramas for all ability levels. During summers, the Modoc High School Academy Crew, Boy Scouts, and other volunteers have installed and maintained a lot of the signs you'll see along these bike routes. The varied terrain of these routes are on old roads or trails which are usually not maintained. Take along water or be sure you purify water you take from creeks or streams. Weather can be very unpredictable in this area, so be prepared. Wear your helmet, stay alert, always ride with a buddy and let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return. If you are riding in an unknown area, taking along appropriate maps and a compass can help you find your way. If you need further information, please feel free to call or stop by our office.

International Mountain Biking Association's Rules of the Trail

Mountain Bike Routes: 

Devil's Garden Route - (map, pdf 558kb) This is a very versatile bike route for the beginner through the advanced rider. It is made up of 3 miles of gravel and 2.3 miles of flat dirt roads. For the advanced, this offers steep grades and graveled roads. For the beginner, the dirt trails of the flats go through juniper woodlands.

On your way to this bike route, you go by portions of the Lassen Emigrant Trail. The unique geologic formations, colors, and scenic views of West Rock Creek Canyon make this a spectacular part of the ride. Coming down from Devil's Garden, you get a grand view of the valley and of the Warner Mountains. Throughout the year, you will see eagles, prairie falcons and red tail hawks. From late fall to early spring, there is an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities. No dog water.

Likely Mountain Challenge - (map, pdf 657kb) This 7.2 miles of dirt road and 2.2 miles of old broken highway is for the advanced rider wanting to tackle real steep pulls. There is a variety of outstanding vistas and numerous riparian areas that provide wonderful viewing opportunities. The mini reservoirs along this ride offer wildlife viewing of waterfowl, raptors and large game. There is dog water available all along this route.

Woodland Jurassic Ride - (map, pdf 819kb) For beginners to intermediate riders, this 8.6 miles of dirt road offers gentle slopes and quite a bit of level ground. Great vistas of the Warner Mountains along with the super scenic canyon and colors on the south end add to the mystic of this ride.

There are some California sensitive plant species along the barren ridges. This area has moderately old woodland forests. From the late fall to early spring it is used as a winter range by deer. Dog water is generally available.