Alturas Field Office


The Alturas Field Office has several fuelwood cutting areas that help service the public demand.  Each fuelwood area has different cutting requirements and seasons-of-use.  The minimum price for personal-use permit is $12 and covers two (2) cords.  Additional personal-use permits may be purchased up to a total of ten (10) cords.  Commercial permits may also be purchased. A standard cord of fuelwood is 128 cubic feet. This would measure 8´x4´x4´ stacked. For a "mini" pickup, you will need two (2) load tags per cord. For a 1/2 ton pickup, you will need two (2) load tags per cord and for larger pickups, two (2) load tag per cord. Smaller pickups may haul less than 1/2 cord per load.

Maps available for the following Firewood Areas are available at the Alturas Field Office:

  • Barnes Grade 
  • Beaver Creek
  • Centerville Road
  • Christensen Corral
  • Kramer Allotment
  • McKabe Flat
  • Mitchel Hill
  • Moon Springs
  • Nine Mile Burn
  • North Coble
  • Rye Grass Swale 
  • Sherlock Springs

Areas Closed: 
(until further notice)





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