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Alturas Field Office

 Fire Management

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                                           Alturas BLM Fire


The Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management is responsible for managing resources on approximately 500,000 acres of public lands on the Alturas Resource Area. The Fire Management program is responsible for providing fire suppression as well as other fire management activities. 


                                                   MISSION STATEMENT

Fire is recognized as a natural and required component of the ecosystems managed by the Alturas Field Office.  Fire is also recognized as a method to sustain health and biological diversity within our ecosystems. The mission of the fire management program within the Alturas Resource Area is the integration of fire management principles and expertise into the interdisciplinary process of ecosystem dynamics, resource planning, management and resource protection.  Our mission involves maintaining a fire management program comprised of diverse, professionally competent, technically advanced, well trained and highly equipped wildland fire organization.  This organization is dedicated and prepared to educate the public and other agencies, promoting the acceptance of fire as a neccessary and desirable ecosystem process and to respect and prepare for fires' dangerous aspects.  Additionally, our fire management organization is dedicated and prepared to respond aggressively to unwanted and unplanned wildland fires, and to protect life, property and resources from degradation.


                                              FIRE MANAGEMENT TEAMS


   Engine 3234             ENGINE 3235           Prevention                     

            Fire Management Officer              Prescribed Fire Module  

       Engine 3235                                          

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