Blue Door Flat
 Blue Door Flat in the Springtime
 Blue Door Flat Flowers 

The Blue Door Flat area provides an interesting area to watch waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds, as well as the colorful wildflowers at the site. The area is in the transition zone between the Great Basin and the Modoc Plateau, adding to the diversity of species. The area is surrounded by dense groves of juniper, scattered patches of aspen and a variety of mountain brush species. Blue Door Flat lies in the shadow of the high country of the South Warners Wilderness. The view to the east in the fall is dramatic, and one of the best around with the changing vegetation in the south Warners of broad open areas with patches of brilliant orange aspens, red brush, and mixed conifer forests.

Blue Door Flat is a reservoir that was constructed in 1939 by the California Conservation Corps, or also known as the "Tree Army" for their vast amount of conservation work completed in the post depression years. The unique dam has hand placed rocks that are still in place and working as it did in 1939. The reservoir provides habitat for waterfowl and shorebirds while in spring the meadow provides a fantastic array of color spread throughout the wet meadow complex from the wildflower species.