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Ken Wilson - California State Archaeologist
Ken Wilson

State Archaeologist and Tribal Liaison
State Office

"I like to involve the public in the things we do."

Ken Wilson is the new California State Archaeologist and Tribal Liaison.  Ken comes to BLM after spending 24 years at the Six Rivers National Forest with the U.S. Forest Service. 

Ken returns to BLM where he began his federal government career in 1979.  He started as an archaeologist in the former Redding District, and transferred to the Forest Service a year later.   He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters degree in anthropology from California State University-Sacramento. 

Ken has a strong background in tribal relations and looks forward to the interaction with the tribes and the native cultural values occurring on public lands.

One of the most rewarding projects for Ken is the "Following the Smoke" event which takes place in Orting, California.  In partnership with indigenous basket weavers and BLM, the public is invited to campout with basket weavers for a week, experiencing the native culture and learning to gather and process materials to weave baskets.

Another of Ken's highlights was the excavation along the Oregon, California border.  For three years, over 400 members of the public from all over the U.S. were involved in the excavations of Altaville, an old copper mining camp that existed from 1860 to 1865.  Ken enthusiastically told of the great, great, great granddaughter of the owner of the Tack Hotel helping to excavate the hotel ruins.   "It was featured on National Public Radio and in the newspapers," he says.

Ken and his wife, Carol are living with relatives in Sacramento for the time being.  Ken's daughter Kali attends the Music Conservatory in San Francisco. 

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